The value I can add to someone's experience and quality of life throughout their treatment journey is what matters the most to me. Here are some kind words from people I have worked with so far:

‘Amazed at the care, full of care & compassion, excellent, wonderful’

‘Continuing care and follow up was excellent, very informative, concerned and helpful’

‘Whole journey was fantastic, more than expected'

' Andrea is wonderful - massively helpful and supportive with great, practical tips'

'I am very grateful to Andrea for advising and facilitating my mother's enteral feed. My mother is thriving well on the new regime 2 months on. So many thanks , Andrea, for your high level of efficiency and promptness'

In the video above, Marc talks about how I supported him during his cancer treatment.


Dr Grant Stewart, Consultant in Clinical Oncology:

'The care provided by Andrea is excellent and has revolutionised the care for both palliative and radical patients with aero-digestive malignancies especially. A truly commendable  service.'



Dr Astrid Mayer, Consultant in Medical Oncology:

'Thanks Andrea, you are providing an excellent service and it is great news that you are working on late effects guidance.'